Indian Journal of Nano Science

​Type: Open Access

Publication Frequency: Weekly

Process: Double Blind Peer Review

Scope: Topics suitable for publication will be included (but it is not limited to)

  • Nanobiology

  • Nanotoxicology

  • Nanobiochemistry

  • Nanomedicine

  • Properties Effected by Nanoscale Dimensions

  • Atomic Manipulation

  • Coupling of Properties at the Nanoscale

  • Controlled Synthesis

  • Fabrication and Processing at the Nanoscale

  • Nanoscale Precursors and Assembly

  • Nanostructure Arrays

  • Fullerenes

  • Carbon Nanotubes and Organic Nanostructures

  • Quantum Dots

  • Quantum Wires

  • Quantum Wells

  • Superlattices

  • Nanoelectronics

  • Single Electron Electronics and Devices

  • Molecular Electronics

  • Quantum Computing

  • Nanomechanics,

  • Nanobiological Function and Life Sciences

  • Nanoscale Instrumentation and Characterization Nano-optics

  • Photonic Crystals with Nanoscale Structural Fidelity

  • Synthesis and fabrication of nanomaterials for biomedical applications

  • Manufacture of nanodevices for biomedical applications

  • Nanoscale drug delivery vehicles

  • Therapeutic and diagnostic agents

  • Policy and regulations related to biomedical Nano Science and nanotechnology

  • Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials

  • Quantum structure and nanodevices

  • Modeling and computations of nanostructure

  • Improved Desalination (Water)

  • Enhanced catalysis (Chemistry)

  • Corrosion resistance (Materials)

  • Monitoring nanodevices (Sensors)

  • Renewable energy such as solar cells (Alternate Energy Sources and Storage)

  • Enhanced oil recovery (Oil and Gas)

  • Enhanced well productivity (Oil and Gas) : Developments for deep drilling (Oil and Gas)

  • Medical diagnosis & drug delivery (Biotechnology)

  • Electronic (Nanoelectronics)

  • Photonic nanodevices (Nanophotonics)

  • Micro-Electronics

  • Mechanical Systems

  • Nano-Electro Mechanical Systems (Nanosystems)

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  • I-Scholar

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