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Scholarly Needs

What is ‘Scholarly-Needs’?

‘Scholarly Needs’ is a professional web-based platform to connect researchers among themselves and also with industrialists to enable and accelerate information flow. It is an interactive forum that is free to join and benefit from.


Why should you join ‘Scholarly-Needs’?

  • To strengthen your academic ties with the rest of the scientific communities.

  • To indulge in real-time problem-solving for industrial needs

  • To assess your research standings with a peer group.

  • To engage research dialogue with experts and other scholars.


How to join ‘Scholarly-Needs’?

  • Visit

  • New user Sign up.  

  • Select your choice: Scholar/Professor (or) Industrialist/Corporate

  • Enter your full name, email, password, department, One of your publication title, its relevant publication link and DOI link.

  • You will then be able to enjoy the benefits of ‘Scholarly-Needs’.


Let us bridge the knowledge gap together, one step at a time.

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