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Indian Society for Education and Environment

What we do?

          The Indian Society for Education and Environment (iSEE) is a non-profit non-government organization that had its inception in 2007 with the motive of bridging the knowledge gaps among Global Youths irrespective of the economical, digital and geographical divides.

           To meet the above objectives, iSEE has set itself as a pioneering agency from India initiated its own publications as GOLD OPEN Access Journals, in 2007. Since then, it has been successfully adding about 16000 quality research articles through 11 of its own journals.


              The Flag-ship Indian Journal of Science and Technology, regularly published as peer reviewed weekly journal, is being indexed by Web of Science (zoological records).  Indjst alone contributes over 15000 articles; it is being maintained digitally as FREE access.


            Thus, iSEE becomes a pioneering entity in India which alines itself with the global policy of FREEing research information/intellectual property access from the clutches of Greedy Publishers with the motive of making money at the instance of Copyright loop-holes and Payment firewalls.

             All these made possible due to the relentless services of the Founder, Prof. Natarajan Gajendran and by the volunteering of innumerable Passionate Review Experts, along with the Dedicated Authors, who contributed quality articles to the open access pool.


           The society joins hands with various Institutes and also by its own in conducting conferences and workshops for the benefit of Research Scholars. Its initiatives for online workshops on Research motivation and Research communication received appreciations, widely.

              iSEE has been a self-funded so far. However important the igniting spark may be, the sustainability ultimately decides the full success of any initiatives. Already 10 of its journals got its attrition after a decade long service due to lack of funds. For the same reason, another mile-stone initiatives like (professional development for taechers) and ScholarlyNeeds (an interactive web platform for scholars) are no longer able to retain their lime lights.


           Scholarly-Needs is an exclusive interactive web-based forum originally built for young researchers to learn from the peer group and to devise strategies with the help of experts to apply their learning for social problem-solving.

              Thus, this is the time, individual Universities/ Institutes or Philanthropic entities to come forwards and join hands with iSEE to revive back the Golden Initiates. It could be by means of adopting those discontinued journals or making partnership publications or by digital supporting of those contents.

           iSEE encourages the education of millennium youths for employability with the consciousness of ethics and environmental care. 


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