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Indian Society for Education and Environment

iSEE Aims To Bridge the Knowledge Gap

          The Indian Society for Education and Environment (iSEE) is a non-profit non-government organization. iSEE has its inception in 2007. iSEE strives to bridge knowledge gaps and economic disparity for information access among regions and strengthens the academic ties among young researchers with experts globally. iSEE offers several services including open-access journals (11 journals with more than 14000 articles) and an interactive web platform, Scholarly Needs.

          The open-access journals help in benefitting the authors as well as the world community with the fruit of innovation through unlimited knowledge sharing. The research work sharing, peer review process, interaction and free access to innovative ideas remove the regional knowledge disparity and ease the economic impediments in the learning process.

             Scholarly-Needs is an exclusive interactive web-based forum for young researchers to learn from the peer group and to devise strategies with the help of experts to apply their learning for social problem-solving. iSEE encourages the education of millennium youths for employability with the consciousness of ethics and environmental care. 

             The society also joins hands with various organizers to conduct conferences to provide a common platform for experts, researchers, educational managers, policy makers and industrialists.

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