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Course Offered by:

Indian Society for Education and Environment (iSEE) ,

and Scholarly Needs, an interactive research forum

Objective : To prepare and encourage selected UG/PG scholars for their ‘Research aptitude’ during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Course type : Online

Preparatory type : Duration of 2 months with 16-hour contact class.

Eligibility : UG/ PG students from Science/ Engineering/ Healthcare stream with research motivation

Previous participants : UG/PG- I batch from BITS-Pilani

What students/participants will do during the course?

  1. Participants will be asked to identify research topics of social problem solving nature; this will be moderated or guided by subject doyens online/ offline or from research expert panels of iSee; they will learn how to choose meaningful research topics when opportunity warranted or will generate/conceive idea during this course time with the help of expert team

  2. Participants will learn theoretically how to execute the objectives by adapting suitable research methodology

  3. Participants will learn with prepared data set how to interpret the research (anticipated) outcome with the existing reports

  4. Participants will learn to develop how to draw a meaningful conclusion from the anticipated results and from the existing research advancements

  5. Participants will also be made to develop familiarity/ knowledge on:

  • Submission of research articles to Journals

  • How to prepare/ communicate research article to a journal

  • Plagiarism;

  • Authorship

  • How to write introduction

  • Results and Discussion

  • Acknowledgement

  • Citation and References

  • Citation and Impact Factors

  • The benefits of research Interactive fora  

  • Indexing agencies

  • Peer reviews

Significance of the course:

On completion of the course, the participants are expected to develop knowledge/ skill in conceiving research problem and develop theoretical and practical knowledge on how to communicate a research piece for journal publication.

They will have opportunity to interact with Journal Editor “Indian Journal of Science and Technology” to imbibe the valuable expertise in the research communication field; Also many Doyens are expected to volunteer as mentors during the online/ offline activities.


The pandemic period will be utilized to link the scholar and mentors and prepare the motivated scholars by strengthening their research aptitude ready to kickstart for actual project work without time requirements for preparation.

Universities/ colleges interested for such course can contact 

Prof.Natarajan Gajendran

Whatsapp: 9940444695 Ph: 9360404571